Taking the bull by the horns to tackle mental health in the Herefordshire farming community.

You are not alone

Every day, farmers are exposed to loneliness, isolation and pressure. Sadly, every week, at least one person will take their own life.

Which is why We Are Farming Minds was created. To raise mental health awareness, support the Herefordshire agricultural community and say to every farmer – you are not alone.

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Supporting each other

Poor mental health in farming is 46% higher than in other occupations. Yet rural communities have less access to support. We aim to change that.

Mental health and wellbeing training

We aim to reach out to every farmer.

We do this by funding training for anyone in the Herefordshire farming community who wants to make a difference, from family members and vets to field reps.

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We are a registered charity and grow through fundraising.

To raise awareness and support, we need to raise money. Find out how you can do your bit.

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Speak your mind

We’re proud of the help we give and the people we support.

"I’m so grateful to We Are Farming Minds for giving me the support to get back on track. As a community, we need to be more aware of mental health and why it’s ok not to be ok."

"The We Are Farming Minds Mental Health Awareness Workshop really opened my eyes.  It gave me an insight into the scale of the problem, both in farming and wider society.  I am now much more aware and have some basic tools and resources which could allow me to identify warning signs and help in the future.  It was both informative and sensitively delivered"


"I look forward to the meetings.  They mean a lot to me and make me feel a lot better.  I benefit hugely from seeing other like-minded people"

"Seeing a counsellor has really helped me to overcome some of my issues.

It was good to be able to talk to someone impartial and I feel like Ive gained some control over my own thoughts and feeling again."